'ExO' is a speculative film project that presents the future of London where new criminal laws for ex-offenders are enacted. Under these new laws, open surveillance, public announcements and live information detail their identity and previous convictions by using existing and emerging technologies through various mediums. The laws also restrict their movement and choices in society. These laws are developed from existing legislation which makes ex-offenders identifiable and traceable in society.
The project questions our current ideas of rehabilitating criminals back into society and challenges the current surveillance system which governments set up under the guise of public safety. The project also raises awareness of the risks of a highly developed information society where a government or companies take control of our private information and the information can be exposed to the public. 
The project consists of documentary-style context video and three narrative films. The context video presents what the society looks and feels like. The narrative films depict everyday life of ex-offenders by using several characters and scenarios, especially how they struggle and cope with the society.